2004 - Salt Lake City
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Research at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City 
9th to the 17th of  March 2004

Early in 2004, Bob Mathia, Kurt Matthia, and Karen Matthia Aland planned to dedicate a week to genealogical research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The great advantage of working at the main library is the possibility of quickly evaluating many microfilms to see if they contain useful material. Also, there are thousands and thousands of books there, which are not circulated to the branch libraries.

Bob Mathia, Karen Matthia Aland, Kurt Matthia, and Sheela Wohlrabe Matthia spent the whole week (except Sunday) in family history research. A large part of our focus was on Bob's ZYWICKI line, but we worked on other goals, too.

Here are some snapshots from this event:

  • Left: Bob Mathia, Sheela Wohlrabe Matthia (Kurt's wife), Karen Matthia Aland, Bob Aland (Karen's husband). We are standing across the street from the Family History Center.
  • Closeup of the same picture.
  • Bob Aland, Karen Matthia Aland, and Bob Mathia pondering family research (or maybe just chatting after dinner).

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