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 3 April 2004, Saturday, AM

Breakfast in the dining room at Male Swornegacie was also a work of art. After breakfast, we drove to Chojnice (Konitz) taking two cars, and walked around the city.

This is a picture of the main square in Chojnice. This is a link to a photo gallary at Chonice's official web site.

Jerzy Erdman's Chojnice / Kontiz:


We withdrew 1000 Zloty at the ATM. We got 3.79 Zloty to the dollar. Kurt bought a book about graveyards and memorials in the area.

Karen and Charice were cold. Karen put on her sweater and coat. Elisabeth found a jacket for Charice in one of the boxes of clothing she had brought along to donate to the poor.

Chojnice (Konitz) and Tuchola (Tuchel) were historically the two townships (Kreisstädte) in the area of the Mathia homeland. It seems there have since been new administrative divisions.

The road between Chojnice and Tuchola is on the earliest maps we have. Today, Route 240 runs between the two cities.