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3 April 2004, Saturday, Midday

Zalno (Sehlen) is small and rural. We stopped at a restaurant in Zalno. A small, fairly modern church was visible to the South of Route 240. As it was now lunchtime, GŁnter, Elisabeth, and the Empels decided to go into the restaurant to get something to eat.

The rest of us took our car and went to check out the church. On the way we photographed this sign. Zalno is now apparently a part of the township Kesowo. It used to be a part of Kreis Tuchel.

We walked all around the church and the parsonage. Everything was locked and no one was there. Just as we were about to leave, the priest drove up in his car. He was cordial and spoke some German. We explained our purpose, told him about our relationship to the area, and asked him if there were any remaining 'Mathia' family members in the area. He said no, but that 'Matyja' was the name of priest presently serving in Ostrowite (Osterwick). That got us excited and we thanked him profusely.

We went back to the restaurant where the others had already ordered lunch. We ordered too. It was delicious. The Empel's paid for our lunch. During lunch we shared what we had learned about the priest named 'Matyja' in Ostrowite (Ostrowick). We all decided to make Ostrowite our next stop.