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 3 April 2004, Saturday, Evening

After finishing up at Ostrowite (Ostrowick), GŁnter, Elisabeth, and the Empels went back to the hotel. Kurt, Sheela, Karen, and Charice drove to Tuchola. Maja Kurlandt met us in the city center and we followed her to her parents home. They have a beautiful home. From left to right are Kurt Matthia, Charice Washburn, Sheela Matthia, Karen Matthia Aland, Maja Kurlandt, Lidia Matia Kurlandt, and Jozef Kurlandt.

Maja's mother is Lidia Matia Kurlandt. They have been researching their family history. Maja and Karen connected through the Mathia-Matthia website. They are very lovely people. They served us cake and drinks, then later made a big dinner for us. Everything was just delicious. Maja works for an insurance company in Warsaw. Lidia owns an Internet cafe in Chojnice. Maja's father, Jozefa Kurlandt, buys cars in Germany and sells them in Poland and in other parts of eastern Europe. We learned that 80 to 90 percent of the people in Poland work the land and are basically poor. Maja had to go to Warsaw to find a better paying job. Here is a closeup of Karen, Maja, and Lidia. Maja's dog is in the middle.

Lidia provided pages of genealogy information and pictures of her family. Lidia's father was Franciszek Julius Mathia, born 19 May 1912 in Koslinka. His picture is at the right.

The only brother of Lidia's father is listed in Lidia's papers as Bronislaw Mathia, born about 1915, with a question mark after it. In doing research, Lidia and Maja have also noticed that 'Mathia' and 'Matia' are used interchangeably in the earlier records.

The only Mathia headstone we found in the Reetz cemetery was Bronislawa Matia (spelled like Lidia's own name), born 1 March 1908, and died 2 June 1972. These are probably one and the same.

Lidia's grandfather was Franciszek Mathia born 23 Sep 1872. This is his picture. After a wonderful evening of learning about Lidia and Maja's branch of the family, we drove back to Male Swornegacie, arriving late, and went right to bed.