Babka Matia
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4 April 2004, Sunday, Evening

After Klodawa, we headed south again to Tuchola. This time, GŁnter and Elisabeth came too. Maja met us at the town square again because we weren't totally certain of the way.

We told Maja of the Matyja family in Chojnice. We made arrangements to meet Maja at the parsonage in Ostrowite, tomorrow, and then spend the rest of the day with her.

Directly across the street from the Kurlant's house is the house of Lidia's mother, Paulina Matia, who was married to Franciszek Juliusz Matia (also spelled Mathia), who is deceased.

Paulina Matia is a very happy, loving woman. She didn't speak any English or German, so it was difficult to communicate with her, but we felt of her love. Here standing in the back are Charice Washburn, Kurt Matthia, Karen Aland Matthia, Lidia Matia Kurlandt, Paulina Matia, and GŁnter Mathia. In the front are Maja Kurlandt with her dog and Elisabeth Mathia.

After a wonderful visit, we drove back to Male Swornegacie for dinner. This would be our last night together, as we were planning to leave very early in the morning for Kwidzyn (Marienwerder). Everything was once again superbly set. We started out with borscht and then had three different kinds of perogi. Delicious!

After dinner, by the fire, we said good-by to Anna, Wojciech, GŁnter and Elisabeth. They will be leaving for home in the morning, but after we are already on our way. We are staying over one additional night in Male Swornegacie so we can visit Kwidzyn and finish up some other things in this area.