2006 Salt Lake City
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Possible agenda items for our 2006 research trip to Salt Lake City:

  • Try to link Maja Kurlandt's family all the way back to the MATHIA patriarchs in Zalno (Sehlen).
  • Follow up on Theodor Mathia's family and any other possible MATHIA families who may have lived up north in Krojanten (Krojanty), Deutsch Kruszka (Kruschke), and Rittel (Rytel).
  • Determine whether all the MATHIA records from Konitz have been extracted.
  • Make additional efforts to determine Peter Czort's multiple connections to the MATHIA family. These marriages have not yet been found.
  • There were some old notes that indicate there are unanswered questions about the Casimir Krause / Marianna Mathyowna family.
  • Set priorities for web site develpment.

Possible activities for our 2006 trip:

  • Go to a play at the Hale Center Theater in Orem, Utah. (One evening)
  • Go to the Tabernacle Choir Sunday morning broadcast or Thursday evening practice. (About 1 - 2 hours)
  • See the new church history film at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square. (About 1 hour and 20 minutes)
  • Make an overnight trip to southern Utah to see Bryce and / or Zion's Canyon National Parks. (2 full days, overnight at a motel, 3 - 4 hours driving each day)
  • Additional ideas and suggestions welcome!