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Guestbook 26 July 1999 Through 27 September 2004, youngest to oldest.

Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:45:04
Great Site! I was so excited to see so many Mathia’s out there. I am the great-grand daughter of Earl William Mathia, would love to hear from anyone who might have info on his family or want to share other Mathia stories. Thanks, Jennifer (Mathia) Spellman, Kansas
Jennifer Spellman

6/24/04, 6:22 PM
My grandparents were Paul and Laura (Linck) Mathia and they lived in Hempstead New York, Long Island. My mothers maiden name was Irene Louise Mathia, and she had six siblings, Laura, Loyola, Charlotte(Polly), Rita, Maria, and Joseph, who I believe lives in Wantagh New York. My grandmother Laura was killed in an auto accident in 1937, I believe, so I never personally met her. Paul Mathia died in the 1970' I believe. My understanding is that my grandparents immigrated from Germany around the turn of the century, and my grandfather still spoke pretty good German when I last spoke with him.
Kenneth S Besig(Mathia) 

4/26/04, 12:03 PM
Ich grüße all meine Namensverwandten.
I`ll only want to say hello cause my english is very bad! Nice Site Mfg
Manuel Mathia
manuel mathia  

3/9/04, 10:56 PM
I have a grandfather--either Friedrich Wilhelm Krupp or Frederick William Bonnes--who came over from near Magdeburg about 1906. Any hints?
Michael Bonnes 

2/5/04, 3:31 AM

I'm researching Family Organization Web sites to find out what people put on their's and make sure I'm thinking of as much as I can before I get to far into the development of my family's site. I've a host company who's given me 3 free years of 5GBytes of web space for a site, so ...

<strong>Your</strong> site is the best I've looked at so far. And the closest to what I'm thinking of doing.

Thank your for allowing me to view your wonder site.

Lawrence Couey
Lawrence Couey 

1/28/04, 6:12 AM

 By search for the Names of anchestors of mine I found in your pages:

"Maria Rosalia MATHIA was born 1 Sep 6 1872 in Nowa Cerkiew, Chojnice, Westpreußen.
She was christened 1 Sep 8 1872 in Nowa Cerkiew, Chojnice, Westpreußen.

MathiaOrg: 12/28/1999.

** 05/20/2002: Found #0529816, item 1, year 1872, entry 55: baptismal record of MARIA ROSALIA MATHIA, born in Neukirch to JOHANN MATHIA & EVA SIEG, on 09/06/1872. Date of baptism - 09/08/1872; performed by - xxx at Nowa Cerkiew, Kr. Chojnice, West Prussia.

GODPARENTS: Johann Sartowski & Rosalia Pokrzywinska."
These Godparents are surely related to my anchestors, Sartowski Augustinus(*5.5.1831, Nowacerkiew +28.12.1888 Kgl.-Neukirch)
son of Johannes Sartowski and Eva Pzervorska (no dates) , may be a brother or cousin.
Augustinus Sartowski, maried to Rosalie Cichocky(*2.10.1834,Brusy +17.5.1916 Kgl.-Neukirch) is the grandfather of my grandmother.
As I see in your records, the Sartowski family is not directly linked to yours, is she?

best regards
Andreas Berger
Andreas Berger

12/29/03, 5:56 AM
I remember when during probably 1995 we started with Bob from USA. I left Poland at 1969 and to day I am leaving in France.To day it is wonderfull site. Congratulation and Happy New year for all Mathia in the world.
Thomas Mathia 

12/4/03, 6:17 PM
I am not part of your family, but at least some of your ancestors have lived in Schonbruck in Allenstein, Eastprussia in 18 th century, same as mine. As this is a tiny little village, they should as least have known each other.
Greetings from Maastricht,
Daniel Herrmann

10/2/03, 1:08 AM
Excellent research
Fredrick P. Abresch 

10/1/03, 3:23 AM
My husband and his brother Eric are the last male descendants of the Mathia name of his family. He has never know his birth father and really not interested, since they were abandoned by their father. I was curious about this website.
Teresa Nycz Mathia 

9/8/03, 1:59 PM
We are the only Mathia family for miles around! I
had no idea there were so many of "us"! I have always told my husband I only married him to get the name!
Jerrold E. and Jeannine Mathia 

8/20/03, 8:11 AM
I have been looking up ancestors after my recent visit to WI. My father is a Uhlenberg & his mother's maiden name was Machalinski. Obviously, you are related, but how??? My parents are still alive & in Milwaukee. My uncle, Frank Uhlenberg, lives in Greenfield. Let me know - I'm curious.
Kathy Margenau 

8/12/03, 6:55 AM
Do you have more informations about Catherine Schwemin? I'm sure it's my family, but I don't know how connections. It's some informations about Schwemin from my family.
My grandmother's maiden name is Kraut. Her grandfather, so my 2nd grandfather was called Joseph (Jozef) Kraut, and he was son of Joseph Schwemin and Marie Kraut (they didn't married).
They lived in Tuchola area, for example Raciaz, Zalno, etc. Please If you have any informations about Schwemin family, call me
Thank you very much,
Karol Wodynski
Karol Wodynski  

8/12/03, 3:54 AM
Hello! My name is IRENEUSZ PLISZKA. I leave in Gdansk, Poland. I was born at 3rd July 1963 in Czersk, Chojnice, Poland, Europe. I found on your page several information about ANNA PLISZKA. I know, that is a different but... I would like to please you to give me yours big tree with many information about your and other people from OUR family.
Ireneusz Pliszka 

8/11/03, 6:46 AM
I've just found my name in yor site! My father, Bronislaw was born in 1927 near Tuchola. His parents were Jan Weltrowski and Marianna Weltrowska, born Szydlewska, and her mother was (xxxx) Szydlewska, born Weltrowska. I know that after the I W.W. The Weltrowski emigrated to Milwaukee. Maby you know something about.
Miroslaw Weltrowski

7/29/03, 6:48 PM
Just discovered this website. Very few MATTHIAES in the UK - hope to contact some others around the world, especially any other David Matthiaes. Also radio ham - callsign G0VVZ 
David Matthiae ;

Wow this is a great website. I didn't realize there were so many Matthias and Mathias. My grandpa and Karen must have put a lot of time into this. Well it is great. Keep up the great work. Charice
Charice Washburn <>
Orem, Utah United States -

I am looking for information on family Joseph Ronowski. He was born in Poland 1841 /I dont know where/ and died 1938. I thing, he was born near Graudenz/Grudziadz, Nowe, Starogard Gdanski/.
Roman Ronowski <>

Just wanted to say hi. There are about 25 Rommerskirchen's living around here and about 100 that I know of in the U.S.
David M. Rommerskirchen Jr. <>
Pocahontas, Illinois United States -

Greetings from Larry Bishop
Larry Bishop <>
Ottawa, Ontario Canada -

hi. we had relatives come over from prussia nearly two centuries ago. this side was lutheran. any ideas. they settled in south australia & n.s.w.seeya. havagoodday.
david groch <>
canberra, ngunnawal australia -

Hallo, ich interessiere mich für die Familie Dobbeck (Dobek) aus dem Kreis Konitz, Orte= Wiele, Königl. Neukirch jetzt Nova Cerkiew. Die Vorfahren meiner Frau kommen aus dieser Gegend und sind als zwei Halbbrüder in das Rheinland gezogen. Ich würde mich auf Ihre Antwort freuen!!!
Klaus Erdmann <>
Rommerskirchen, NRW Germany -

Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors. You Are also --> WELCOME You are welcome to visit my webpage.
Odinn Thor ... The REAL Viking
Akranes, ICELAND -

Helloo My name is Maja and I am 21 years old. I work for Polish Insurance Cimpany in Warsaw but I come from Tuchola near Bydgoszcz. My grandfather name is Franciszek Mathia and my mother maiden name is Matia as well. Nice to join new Mathia's family :-) Maja
Maja <>
poland, Tuchola -

My name is Matthia. My first name is Matthia. I don't know if you pronounce the H but I don't. I just decide to look my name up on the net and this is what I got. Surprise, Surprise.
Matthia Lariviere <rainboebite>

Greetings to you and your guests. Love what you’ve done with your site. As an educator I can say you have great communication skills.
La Mesa, Ca US -

I am related to Peter Mathia who married Christina Close after coming to the USA. I haven't seen anyone on this Web site that I know; however, will continue to check because the site is a good one and genealogy research can be an obsession! Thank you.
Trish Mathia Wilson <>

Hey Website owner. Just wanted to say hi. I mean hey.
Catherine Lake
Los Angeles, CA USA -

Welcome. My name Tomasz Zapalski. I live in Poland and I'm looking for something about history my family in net. The side is very good.
Tomasz Zapalski <>
Tomaszów Lubelski, wojewodztwo lubelskie Poland -

I come from Poland. My husband Pawe³ Mathia is engineer and he is working for Polish Radio. We have three daughters (teenagers right now). All of them speak English quite good. I happy to join your family. My husband e-mail addressis as follow: It would be nice to hear something, sometimes from you.
Mathia Hanna <>
Warsaw, Poland -

Hi Bob! I don't know if you remember me.I am Fred Mathia Sr's daughter and Fred Jr's little sister. I was just checking out the family website. Very interesting! It's great to see that there are really alot of Mahtia's out there! I know when ever I travel I have a tendency to look in the phone books for any listing of Mathia with usually no luck! I have more luck with my married name than I do my maiden name!
Kris(Mathia) Boucher <>
Escanaba, Mi United States -

I just ran across this site - didn't find my name, or my brother (Axel Matthia) or my kids (Samuel Matthia / Christian Matthia). Nice to see so many family members anyway.
Günter Johannes Matthia <>
Berlin, Berlin Germany -

Hello! I've got proberly nothing to do with you all, but my first name is Matthia, and I'm just surfing around the net looking for other people named Matthia (it's a very rare name) and I found this site! It was a pretty nice surprise, but I'm afraid that I don't really belong here... Well thank you for letting me write in your guestbook, and I hope you can read my English, because I'm not very good at it... Goodbye and good look with your site!
Matthia Karreman <>
Utrecht the Netherlands -

Hello, I`m a great grandson of Vincent Mathia Sr, my dad is Mike Mathia Jr.I have 2 brothers Rick and Ron. My cousin Vincent Mathia IV told me about this website.I have learned many interesting facts on the Mathia name.Thank-you, Daniel Vincent Mathia
Daniel Vincent Mathia <LDRBOY970F@AOL>
Suffield, Ohio USA -

Mit Interesse habe ich ein wenig in den Seiten geblättert. Ich suche Brüder und Abkömmlinge meines Vaters, Albert Mathia. Geboren 1901 in Bromberg, jetziges Polen. Namen der Brüder Paul und Peter Mathia. Der Mädchenname seiner Mutter lautet Cäcilia Kupisch. Es wäre schön, wenn mir jemand weiterhelfen könnte. Entweder unter der e-mail-Adresse oder an Manfred Mathia, Thierseestr. 19, 81735 München.(Tel. und Fax 089/6891346)
Manfred Mathia <>
81735 München, Bayern Deutschland -

Hi family, i see, that most of you are from the US, so i decidet to writ in english, it´s very intersting, to see how big our family really is, and i and my brothers are very proud of being part of such a great family. It would be very nice, to hear from a few of you in the near future. Greatings from Stefan, Corinna and our childs Leon and Vivian.
Stefan Mathia <>
Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany -

Dear Family, My brother Kevin Matthia shared this web-site with me as I wanted to prepare a family notebook for our family reunion this summer. This site was a great help in getting information for the folder I want to make for all the children and each couple. I have really enjoyed reading through here and copying things pertaining to our family. My Daddy is Jürgen Matthia, son of Erwin and Esther Matthia, son of Albert and Martha Matthia. I am especially thrilled with the picture of their family. I do not know if you are interested in names and dates for thie children of those you have listed already (such as my siblings and our children?). If so, please feel free to let me know, and I can fill you in. Thank you for sharing the many hours of work that you have put into this family tree with the rest of us. What a blessing. Sincerely, Krischa McKenzie
Krischa Joan Matthia McKenzie <>
near Magdeburg, Germany -

I really like this Mathia web page thing. I think it's a great idea to put our family of the web. I like going back and finding out interesting things that I nor my morhter never knew about our family. Well keep up the good work.
Bridget Bankston <>
Derby , KS USA -

I was looking through your files and find that there are several ancestors common to your files and mine. My grandmother was Magdeline Dorzyk from Otter Lake, Quebec. Her father was Michael Dorzyk from Gdansk Poland. He married Anna Sweda from Renfrew Ontario. I have traced a relation through John Lepack 1895 - 1954 Husband of Bertha Kluke. This data is on the tombstone in the St. Charles Borromeo RC Church in Otter Lake. I am currently researching the Tate/Tait line of the family but I am only about an hour from Otter Lake by car. Other tombstones include "August Kluk died Jan 8, 1921 Aged 69: Bertha Filskowskee Wife of August Kluk died June 10, 1894 aged 32 years. There were 2 children that died early; Theodore died in infancy and Cecelia died June 30, 1897 aged 10 years. These examplea can all be traced back to my grandmother's line. Please contact me if this is helpful and if I can help you.
Stuart Tait <>
Nepean, Ontario Canada -

Hello to all Mathia families all over the world! I was born in Romania and my family's roots are in Streitfort, Transilvania (Siebenburger) were they come from Germany around 1650-1700. I will dig a little to be able to come with more details. Due to the WW2 some family spread in US, aroud Chicago area and probably in Linz, Austria. I will appreciate any clues.
M ihail (Mike) Mathia <>
Brockville, Ontario Canada -

Meine Name ist Thorsten Toennies, und ich bin der Sohn von Antje Toennies; geb. Mathia. Mein Großvater hieß Günther Mathia, und wurde am 02.02.1912 geboren. Leider ist er am 19.02.1994 verstorben. Ich weiß lediglich, dass er in größtenteils in einem Weisenhaus großgeworden ist, und seine Mutter bei seiner Geburt verstorben ist. Von seinen zwei Halbbrüdern dürfte noch einer am Leben sein.
Thorsten Toennies <>
Duesseldorf, NRW Germany -

I was born 1952.11.06. I am a doctor, obstetrician and ginecologist. I am working in a City Hospital in Skar¿ysko-Kam. My familly : only one wife and two sons-Konrad & Przemek. My father Witold comes from Piotrkow-Trybunalski, so does his father Bronislaw. This city is my hometown.My mother Hanna comes also from Piotrkow-Tryb.
Andrzej Matyja
Skarzysko-Kamienna, Swietokrzyskie Poland -

My branch of Matyja family comes from Lodz. My father and uncles are doctors, so will I be. Grandfather was a worker, farther roots of my family are unknown. Warm greetings to all of you, perhaps see you in 2002.
Konrad Matyja <>
Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland -

Thank you for your letter, I will be checking back when I have a bit more time. Kevin
Kevin Matthia <>
39167 Niederndodeleben, Germany -

I'm not really a guest, but I just changed the "Guestbook" routine and am testing it out. If my change works correctly, everyone that's on our "mail list" should get a copy of this guestbook entry. Have a nice day!
Bob Mathia
Greendale, WI USA -

It's a great surprice to see that the "Koschnaewjer-Saga" continues, even over there in the U.S.of A. Keep on digging in the garden of KoschneiderGenealogy
Richard Glischinski <>

My mother's maiden name was Mathia. She was a first cousin of Vincent Mathia ( already at this page ) Her parents Andrew ( brother of Vincent Mathia's grandfather )& Susan came from Czechoslovakia. My mother Anne Mathia Dorney just passed away at age 86 in Santa Rosa, Ca. I thank you for this site.
Joan Beane <>
Petaluma, Ca. USA -

We are glad to see your site!! We will try to submit pictures of our family soon!!
Dan Wolff <>
Saint Peters, , Missouri U.S.A. -

Hello Karen Matthia Aland, thank you verry much for the mail from 23. March 2000. It is verry interesting and makes me prood. Sincerely Burkhard Mathia
Burkhard Mathia <>
Hatten, Niedersachsen Germany -

My mothers' maiden name was Mathia. She was the daughter of John Paul Mathia and Leonora Mathia nee' Linck. She had sisters: Charlotte, Maria, Rita, Loyola, Laura and a brother Joseph, They lived on Front St. in Hempstead NY USA during the depression. If this info means anything to someone reading this, please contact me by E-mail;
Jay J Besig <>
Marietta, GA United States -

Bob, you're web site is most impressive...SPLENDID!!! Love, Marie
Marie <>
Milwaukee, WI USA -

Hi ! My husband's name is Antoine Anani Mawuena MATTHIA and he was born in Togo, Africa. His father and mother are still living there but Antoine has been living in Beligum for quite a while and he has now the belgian nationality. Antoine doesn't know much about his father branch so I don't think he could give you any information about it. Do you know of any other MATTHIA coming from Togo ? Best wishes, Isabelle
Isabelle Matthia-Nelis <>
Liege, Belgium, EUROPE -

Hallo, i've been searching a long time wher my name 'matthiae' came from. Well, I think mathia and matthiae are from the same origin, or? I found a 'picture' (dont know the english word) of the family. If you are interested just mail me.
Frank Matthiae <>
Neu-Bamberg, --- Germany -

side of the family. My gandmother divorced my grandfather Tony Mathia when my father was a small boy and no one was willing to give any information about the Mathias. It will be nice to finally learn about them.
Beth Taylor maiden name Mathia <>
Granger, Indiana USA -

Hello, I am very happy in having found Mathia - Matthia Family Organization. I would like to change more information whit you. Hugs.
Luiz Fernando Mathia <>
Uberlândia, Minas Gerais Brazil -

Hello All! I just recieved the flyer in the mail. I have been interested in my families roots for a long time. My great grandfather, Vincent Mathia Sr (I am the fourth (IV) and my son is fifth (V)) was from Czechoslovakia as was my great grandmother, Doris. I believe they came over in 1918 or 1919. Most of the family now resides in Mogadore, Randolph, and Suffield, Ohio.
Vincent Mathia IV <>
Cortland, Ohio USA -

Bob from Greendale Wi. As I become more proficient I will add to the list of mathias. Karen, the home page is great as it is my family. Theresa was my grandmother and I was with her at her death. I am quite interested in learning of the ancestral roots of our family. Mrs. Jack Mathia, I live just up the street in Leavenworth, hope to get in touch. Will be back.
william j. mathia
Leavenworth, Kansas U.S.A -

Why is there the name MATHIA with two T's in it? I am wondering if you are not looking at the wrong site. I need proof that this is not may families name taken out of text. Remember the S on MATHIAS was added or deleted at the time they went through New York. It was a mistake of the writer at customes in New York when the boats all came over here. So prove to me you are a MATHIA by blood. Not by the lack of knowledge from the past.
Ron Mathia <REM1018@AOL.COM>
Orange Park, Florida USA -
See response to Ron written by Kurt Matthia.

Hello I never realized there were so many families with the Mathia name. I have often traveled around the us and looked in the phone directories but never found much of anything. And now it is good to see the name is so big. From the timeI was a child until now I had thought that our family which is very small now was the only Mathia clan in the usa.
David Mathia <>
Fremont, Ohio usa -

This is so neat to be able to learn of ancestors and family I didn't know about. I think this is a wonderful site! It is very interesting and I am so proud to say i come from the Matthia Family!!
Robyn Brockman <>
Norman, Oklahoma USA -

Born in Poland in 1945 emigrated to France at 1969, living close to Wasaw and comming from Tadeusz Mathia familly since 1750 in leather business
Mathia <>
Lyon, France -

Hi, Kurt! I'm related distantly - my dad's cousin's wife was the wife of a Mathia. Her, and my, common ancestors are Herman Carl Hinz, and Albertina Wilhelmina Louisa Augusta (Augusta) Kobs, born in the 1860s. Hopefully someday I can expand on the Hinz/Kobs branch, and share it with others. Very nice page, I have learned a few good techniques for organizing and presenting my information. Thank you & best regards, Dave Hinz
Dave Hinz <>
Helenville, Wisconsin USA -

Karen: Words cannot express the thankfulness that is in my heart! When I read your mail that said you had found my grandpa Joe's baptismal record, my eyes welled-up with tears! I only regret that my Mom, Dad & Sister aren't around anymore to share in this good news. Many, many thanks.
Bob Mathia
Greendale, WI USA -

Kurt & Karen: this is a GREAT site! I "visit" here at least once a day, and always find something I didn't see before. I'm sure my grandma & all of her kids would really be excited & happy to see their picture on the "front door"! I really do hope we can come up with a "connection" that makes us all "cousins". I already know that we are "friends". Keep up the good work!
Bob Mathia
Greendale, Wisconsin USA -

I am the widow of Jack L. Mathia who was the son of Earl William Mathia. I have three sons named Danny L., Rick J. and John E. I am 57 years oldand live on a small farm. I am a registered nurse. I would love to hear from other Mathia's.
Jan Mathia <>
Tonganoxie, Kansas 66086 USA -

Very fun Tabitha and Jessi saw themselves and we are reading about My grandpa Matthia they really like it.
Phaedra Matthia Serna <>
Pleasant Grove, UT -

I am back. I am going to get all the addresses collected for a letter mailing. It will be fun to see what happens. I will now visit and see what's new. A chat room will be fun. I will be heading for the library on Thursday night. Talk to you soon. Your Sister, Karen
Karen Aland <>
Pleasant Grove, UT USA -