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   Mathia - Matthia Family History

Click on the links below to find stories and photos of family members. Perhaps you have some to share?

Seeing and reading about our ancesters adds so much to the excitement of learning about our roots!

Updated 12 June 2008

Histories and Photos of Descendents of Joannis Mathia

1-Joannis Mathia (est. 1732)

Histories and Photos of Descendents of Jan Matyja

1-Jan Matyja (est. 1839/1841 - 1932)

    2-Franciszek Mathia (1872-1945)

      3-Helena Mathia (1900-1900))
      3-Gertruda Mathia (1904)
      3-Marianna Klara Mathia (1907)
      3-Bronislaw Mathia (?)
      3-Francizek Julius Mathia -> Matia (1912-2000)

      3-Rozalia Mathia (1916-1945)

        4-Krystyna Mathia (1941-1945)

    2-Marianna Mathia (1875-1969)
    2-Francisca (1878-1878)
    2-Karol Mathia (1879-    )
    2-Antoni Mathia
    2-Stanislaus Mathia (1885-1893)

Histories and Photos of Descendents
of Vincent Mathia (c. 1840)

circle17_blue.gifVincent Mathia (Cortland, OH), Joan Beane (Petaluma, CA) and Dianne Facundo (Santa Rosa, CA).

History and Descendents of Peter Mathia (1835)

1-Peter Mathia (1835)

    2-Leapold Mathia (1856-    )

      3-Joseph Mathia
      3-Clarence Mathia (1886-1972)
      3-Joe Mathia
      3-Pearl Mathia
      3-Frank Mathia
      3-Ivil Mathia (1897-1972)
      3-Mattie Mathia Sechinger
      3-Chelsie Mathia Sechinger

    2-Mary Mathia McKinney (1858-1927)
    2-Louisa Mathia Crummett (1864-1923)
    2-Lydia Mathia Lybarger (1866-1923)
    2-Peter William Mathia (1869-1952)

      3-Girtie Ethel Mathia Steele (1891-1983)
      3-Esther Nannie Mathia Wolfinbarger (1893-1978)
      3-Ollie Ettie Mathia Turner (1895-1983)
      3-Roy Leonard Mathia (1898-1979)

        4-Virgil Mathia (1918-1985)

          5-Virgil Leonard Mathia

        4-Narvil Mathia (1920-1984)

          5-Patsy Faye Mathia Schaefer
          5-Alameda Kay Mathia Nixon
          5-Florence Lee Mathia

        4-Cleveland Mathia
        4-Edward Mathia
        4-S. Gertrude Mathia
        4-Ruby Imogene Mathia

      3-Clarence Sylvester Mathia (1900-1933)

        4-Claud Archie Mathia (1921-1988)

          5-Clarence Wilburn Mathia (1941-2004)

            6-Danny Wayne Mathia

              7-Justin Wayne Mathia
              7-Tanisha Dawn Mathia

            6-Larry Kieth Mathia

              7-Steven Bradley Mathia
              7-Troy Duane Mathia

          5-Georgia May Mathia McElroy

        4-Alta Sylvia Mathia Lacy
        4-Louis Eugene Mathia

          5-Randy Mathia
          5-Judy Mathia

         4-Cleo Ruth Mathia Ragsdale

      3-Arthur Edward Mathia (1902-1978)

        4-Raymond Ray Mathia (1920-1985

          5-Ralph Edward Mathia (1943-2004)
          5-Larry Kalvin Mathia

            6-Kenneth Dale Mathia

          5-James William Mathia
          5-Carol Ann Mathia
          5-Debra Kay Mathia
          5-Evalin Mathia
          5-Dennis Ray Mathia
          5-Shelia Jo Mathia

        4-Irene May Mathia Bergman
        4-William Charles Mathia (1924-1944)
        4-Otis Clifford Mathia

          5-Clifford Eugene Mathia

            6-Katie Michelle Mathia

          5-Cynthia Lea Mathia Henderson
          5-Cheryl Lynn Mathia Vaughn, Allen

        4-Thelma Lorene Mathia Bennet, Charles
        4-Janet Laye Mathia O'Bryant
        4-Gene Arthur Mathia

          5-Bobbie Jean Mathia
          5-Karen Nadine Mathia
          5-Linda Sue Mathia
          5-Edward William Mathia
          5-Eugene Timothy Mathia
          5-Mark Allen Mathia

      3-David Henry Mathia

        4-Reba Mathia Henry
        4-Geneva Mathia Haas
        4-Allene Mathia Gross
        4-Elvan Mathia

          5-Debra Mathia
          5-Patricia Mathia
          5-Mark Mathia

        4-Doyle Mathia (1933-2000)
        4-Marvin Mathia

      3-Fred Mathia
      3 Henry David Mathia (1914-1960)

    2-Elisabeth Mathia Chaney (1873-1927)
    2-John Mathia (1875-1927)

      3-Earl William Mathia (1893-1961)

        4-John Alvin Matha
        4-Betty Mathia Homes
        4-Donald Mathia
        4-Minnie Bell Mathia Finley
        4-Eugene Mathia
        4-Harold Mathia

          5-Melinda Mathia
          5-Darla Mathia
          5-Darrel Mathia
          5-William Dean Mathia

        4-Jack Mathia
        4-Wayne Leroy Mathia (1933-1933)

      3-Arthur Roy Mathia (1900-1971)

        4-Edith Mathia McClonnan
        4-Phyllis Mathia McKinsey

      3-Elsie Leonora Mathia Freeman
      3-Ralph Otto Mathia (1905-1983)

        4-Donna Mathia Schmidt

      3-Edith Alma Mathia French

    2-Henry Stevens Mathia (1878-1938)

      3-Helen Irene Mathia Mullin (1916-1993)
      3-Homer Lavern Mathia (1921-1995)

Descendents of Hans Matthia (ca. 1612-1693)

This branch of the family lived in the towns of Hambach, Puberg, and Delingen in Bas-Rhin, France.

1-Hans Matthia (ca-1612-1693)

    2-Hans Heinrich Matthia (ca-1637)
    2-Catharina Matthia (ca-1646)
    2-Martha Matthia Hussong (1648-1720)
    2-Johann Georg Matthia (ca-1652-1700)

      3-Johann Martin Matthia (1684-1735)

        4-Johannes Matthia (1710-1779)

          5-Anna Catharina Matthia (ca-1736)
          5-Anna Magdalena Matthia (1737)
          5-Maria Magdalena Matthia (1740)
          5-Maria Margaretha Matthia (1743)
          5-Johannes Matthia (1746-1747)
          5-Johannes Matthia (1748-1751)
          5-Johann Peter Matthia (1751-1757)
          5-Johann Georg Matthia (1754-1772)
          5-Johann Philipp Matthia (1758-1816)

            6-Johann Philipp Matthia (1781-1836)

              7-Catherine Louise Matthia (1829-1906)
              7-Elisabeth Matthia (1835-1907)

            6-Christina Magdalena Matthia (1783)
            6-Johann Peter Matthia (1785)
            6-Johann Nicolaus Matthia (1788-1789)
            6-Johann Nicolaus Matthia (1790)

      3-Johannes Matthia (1688-1742)

        4-Johann Christian Matthia (1715)
        4-Anna Christina Matthia Köppel (1717)
        4-Johann Jacob Matthia (1719)
        4-Johann Georg Matthia (1719)
        4-Johann Nicolaus Matthia (1722)
        4-Anna Margaretha Matthia (1728)
        4-Maria Catharina Matthia (1730-1740)

      3-Anna Margaretha Matthia (1689)
      3-Christina Salome Matthia (1690-1692)
      3-Johann Dietrich Matthia (1694)
      3-Maria Elisabetha Matthia (1695-1696)

    2-Barbara Matthia (ca-1656)