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Updated: 23 Jul 2004

Adalbert Mathia

Adalberto Mathia was born 11 April 1794 Zalno (also known at times as Sehlen), Kreis (District) Tuchel, Westpreußen (West Prussia). Adalbert's parents were Lorentis Mathya and his wife Marianna Mathiowna. People living in Sehlen at that time went to church in the parish of Reetz (pronounced Raytz; today Raciaz), Tuchel, Westpreußen. Adalbert was baptized on 13 April 1794 in Reetz.

Adalbert was a farm worker all his life, but apparently never owned a farm. Starting in Zalno, he moved from villiage to village following the available work. Lodging for his family was probably provided by his employers. Going by the births of his 11 children, his residences were Zalno, Lotyn (1829), Nadolnik (1830), Groß Kladau (Kodowa) (1836), Zarzecz (1838), Techowa Karczma (1840), Groß Kladau (1842). Adalbert died 3 Jan 1848, in Neukirchen (now Nowa Cerkiew), Konitz (Chojnice), Westpreußen (today Poland).

On 6 May 1822, Adalbert married Marianna Grzymalowna. They had only one child (below), and then Marianna died 13 May 1823, four days after childbirth.

  • Josephus Izidor Mathia, 9 May 1823.

On 22 November 1823, Adalbert married Barbara Janczynska. We estimate that Barbara was born about 1803, but have not yet found her birth record.

Janczynski History: Karen Matthia Aland received and email from Larry Yanchynski which contained a Janczynski History. We have made a web page out of that email and you can read it by clicking here.

We have found ten children for Adalbert and Barbara:

  •  Josephina, 11 May 1826
  •  Joannem, 7 March 1829
  • Anna, 26 March 1830
  • Josephina, about 1833 (died 4 May 1845)
  • Michaelem Martinum, 16 January 1836
  • Paulinam Juliannam, 8 April 1838
  • Josephum, 3 March 1840
  • Joannem Adalbertum, 17 April 1842
  • Augustinum, 20 January 1845
  • Theodorum, 21 October 1847

Barbara died 23 Jun 1863 in Osterwick, Kreis Konitz, Westpreußen.