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Updated: 13 Aug 2004

Peter Mathia

Notes from Fowler and Villines Genealogy Website:

Peter's name was reported as being changed from Martee to Mathia when he entered the United States. He and his wife, according to family tradition, came from the Alsace Lorraine area of France. They spoke German in the home.

Naturalization record: Probate Court, Volume # 5 Page 2, Peter Mathia, native of France, certificate issued 4/29/1859, sponsor: Christian Depp, declaration of intent was made over 2 years ago in Sandusky County OH. I am trying to get a copy of this record.

The Mathia farm was located 2 miles east and 1 mile north of Clearfield in Johnson County Kansas.

The following was taken from land records as recorded in Book I, page 457 on June 30, 1874 of the Johnson County Kansas Recorder of Deeds: Peter Mathia purchased 60 acres from Mary McDougal and Francis McDougal (Minor), sole heirs of Lewis McDougal (deceased), for $300.00. Two chiefs, Graham Rogers and Charles Tucker, all Shawnee Indians were witnesses for the sellers. The land was located in the southwest corner of Johnson County, Kansas, McCamish Township, Section 11, Township 14, south of Range 21, SW 1/4.

Sale of land was recorded on September 17, 1869 by R.L. Roberts, U.S. Indian Agent, and witnessed by Johahan Grove and Charles Bluejacket, U.S. Interpreter.

According to Gertie (Mathia) Steele, Peter Mathia settled on this farm until the children were grown. He then moved to a farm near the Hart Post Office, McDonald Co MO; then to a farm near Senaca, MO; then to a farm near Joplin, MO. It was there that he was shot by a neighbor over a fence. Christina did not move to Missouri, but remained in Kansas during this time.

The following was taken from the Joplin Daily Globe dated August 2, 1906 and August 3, 1906 (the name Mathia was spelled Marthia in the paper): "Well known Joplin truck farmer and fruit grower meets death at the hands of C. M. Parnell on Marthia's farm west of the city slayer alleging that he committed the deed in self defense.".......

"Peter Marthia, a German truck farmer and fruit grower, was yesterday moring shot and killed by C.M. Parnell, the affair occurring on the land owned by Marthia, several hundred feet south of the west line of Fairview Cemetary. Deceased was 75 years of age. His slayer is about 50. The latter arrested soon after the shooting.".........

"The death of Martia grew out of a dispute over a boundry line, it is alleged".......

"Marthia was shot shortly before 6 o'clock in the morning. He remained unconscious until 12:40 o'clock when he died without having explained how the shooting occured. A small buckshot in the heart cavity was the cause of death, hemorrage having resulted from the wound. Several other bullets penetrated the body, a shotgun having been used by Parnell."...........

"Marthia is owner of three acres of land, a portion of which is planted in grapes, tomatoes and vegetables. He has been in possession of the property 16 years and has resided on the ground during that time. About a year ago he leased almost half of his land to Parnell and the latter with his wife and family moved into a small house on the northern portion of the premisses.".......

"Neighbors allege that Marthia has had considerable trouble with Parnell and his family. Ted Lavery, who has been residing with Marthia, stated to a Globe reporter that Marthia has been greatly annoyed by the members of Parnell's family, alleging that the latter insisted on damaging the fruit trees and injuring his vegetables. Recently Marthia placed a fence along the north boundry of his land on the advice of Attorney Wolfe. Attorney Wolfe asserted that Parnell maintained that this fence was not on the proper boundary line, but that it was over too far on the land rented to him by Marthia. Yesterday morning Marthia, armed with a shotgun, arose early and went into his garden. It is alleged by Lavery that he found the fence torn down. He immediatly replaced it. Lavery says that he heard Marthia exchanging hot words with some one, but paid no attention to it until he heard a shot fired. He rushed from the room and saw Marthia staggering towards the house. He walked about ten feet after being shot, falling in a clump of gooseberry bushes when within about 100 feet of his own home, the shot being fired while Marthia was walking away from the house occupied by Parnell, it is alleged by Lavery.".........

"Curcumstantial evidence overwhelmingly in favor of the deceased. There being no testimoney introduced to show that Parnell shot in self-defense, as he alleges - story of eye witness."......

THE VERDICT. We, the coroner's jury, after being sworn over the dead boy of Peter Marthia and hearing all the testimony taken at the inquest of the said cPeter Marthia, find that he, said Peter Marthia, came to his death from the effects of gun shot wounds, said shot beeing feloniously fired from a shotgun held in the hands and fired by one C.M. Parnell.".......

"SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF PETER MARTHIA. Peter Marthia was born in Germany seventy five years ago. He received his early boyhood education in France and came to the United States thirty years ago, settling in Kansas. He secured many valuable pieces of property in Kansas and at the time of his death was owner of several large farms, on one of which resided his wife, from whom he separated fifteen years ago. He leaves two daughters and three sons, all whom reside on farms in Kansas and the Indian Territory.

Marthia came to Joplin sixteen years ago and settled on the land where he was killed."...........

"PARNELL IS HELD FOR FIRST DEGREE MURDER. Body of Peter Mathia to be forwarded to Old Home at Eudora Kansas. Relatives in the City.".....

"Name Mathia, not Marthia. The name of the deceased in the case now occupying the public attention was Peter Mathia, not Peter Marthia, as it appeared in the columns of the press.".................

"Remains to be Shipped to Kansas. Several relatives of the deceased arrived in Joplin yesterday, among them being William Kinney and Heine Lybarger, sons-in-law, and Henry Mathia, a son, all residing near Olathe, Kansas. While all arrangments have not yet been made for the funeral, the remains will be forwarded to the old home of deceased at Eudora Kansas, over the Frisco this morning."

1860 haven't found yet on any census - should probably be in Ohio

1870 Census, Johnson Co KS, McCamish Twp, page 577:

     715 715 Mathia, Peter       36  farmer  France
                 Christina   35          France
                 Leopold     16          NY
                 Mary        12          OH
                 Louiza      10          OH
                 Lydia        6          KS
                 Peter        1          KS

1880 Census, Kansas:

        Mathia, Peter     45 (1835)  France
                Cristina  43  (1837) France
                Leapold   24  (1856) NY
                Mary      22  (1858) OH
                Louisa    16  (1864) KS
                Lydia     14  (1866) KS
                Peter Wm. 10  (1870) KS
                Elizabeth  7  (1873) KS
                John       5  (1875) KS
                Henry      2  (1878) KS

1900 Soundex M300:

Missouri, Jasper Co

Mathia, Peter   65  Feb 1835  Prussia, both parents from Prussia living alone, according to this census he had no citizenship even filed.

ATTENTION:  when I ask in Germany for Peter Mathia, I got:

     Internationl Genealogical Index F217 - Germany
            Mattes, Peter  sex M
            Extracted Birth and/or Christening Records
                Evangelich, Stromberg, Wstfln County, Prussia
            Batch C930242
            Dates 1800-1864
            Source Call Number  490295
            Type   film
            Printout  none

(note: in 1900 soundex Peter states he is from Prussia.  Could this be him? Could his father be a Leopold which is name of oldest son? As soon as this film arrives I will let you know what it says.)

When I checked LDS for Christina Close, I got:

     International Genealogical Index F217 - Germany     ON ORDER
            Kloos, Christina sex F
            Extracted Birht and/or Christening Records.
                Roemisch-Katholische, Roxheim, Pfalz County, Bavaria
            Batch C993171
            Dates 1734-1798
            Source Call Number  367595
            Type   film
            Printout  none

(I know Date don't match, but notes on Christina do.  Not ordered yet.)

(End of notes from Fowler and Villines Genealogy Website)

From: Trisch Mathia Wilson
To: Kurt Matthia
Subject: Re: Guestbook entry
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002


Peter Mathia was born February 21, 1836 in Clausen, Rheinland, Prussia.  He died August 1, 1906 (murdered / shot in the back).  He married Christina Close who was born in May 1835 in Alsace Lorraine, France.  She died December 24, 1909.  They had 8 children:  Leopold, Mary, Louisa, Lydia, Peter William, Elizabeth, John and Henry.  Peter William was my Great Grandfather.

Their family grew up mostly in Kansas.

Trish Mathia Wilson

To: Kurt Matthia
From: Debbie Hunter
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:17:39 EDT
Subject: MATHIA


I was looking through old emails and came across the one that had this website advertised.  Better late than never at getting here I suppose.

I can help a little with adding some information. For example:

Peter Mathia  b:1835  married to Christina Close.

I have a copy of a newspaper article, the Joplin Daily Globe dated Aug. 2, 1906 and Aug. 3, 1906 which states how Peter Mathia was shot in the back by C.M.Parnell. The newspaper has a sketch of Mathia and Parnell.

As for Peter William Mathia (b:1869) who married Arra Elizabeth Beeman, I have Beeman information back to 1719  and Fields info back to late 1700's, if you are interested. Lots of dates and children's names.  I have this info on my Family Tree Maker program and can send it if you'd like.

Phillip Lewis Henry - Debra Lynn Hanson (Henry)
Reba Frances Mathia - Terrill Riley Henry
David Henry Mathia - Victoria Isabella Thulin
Peter William Mathia - Arra Elizabeth Beeman
Samuel Beeman - Susanna Emma Fields
James F. Beeman - Polly Scott
Andrew Beeman - Unknown
Ebenezer Beeman - Rachel Tracy
Samuel Beeman - Susanna Emma Fields
Beeson Fields - Nancy Lankster
Joseph Field - Leeta unknown

I have pics of Peter William Mathia and also Arra Elizabeth Beeman.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Debbie Henry