Erwin Matthia
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Updated: 23 July 2004

Erwin Adam Willy Matthia


Erwin was born 1 September 1900 in Mareese, Kreis Marienwerder, Westpreußen (West Prussia), Germany. Today, this place is called Mareza, Kwidzyn, Poland. He died 6 Jun 1974 in Berlin, West Germany. We are awaiting that Erwin's direct descendents will provide a synopsis of Erwin's remarkable life.

  • Click to see a copy of Erwin's birth record.
  • The house in Mareese where Erwin was born. This photo was taken in 1984, so the house probably looked somewhat different in Erwin's time. This house is below the Marienwerder Cathedral, across the Liebe river, and the road follows the route of the former Marienwerder Kleinbahn (small-guage railroad).
  • The house on Lazarettstraße in Marienwerder where Erwin grew up. The family moved here between 1906 and 1909. This photo was taken in the mid-1930s, shortly after the house received a new stucco finish. Erwin's parents are at the top of the steps in the right-hand frame.
  • Photo of Erwin with his brother and sisters taken in Marienwerder about 1917 or 1918. Left to right, they are Herta, Erwin, Charlotte, Kurt and Hildegard.
  • Photo of Martha Hedwig Kobitz Matthia with her children taken on the occasion of Albert and Martha Matthia's 20th Wedding Anniversary on 6 November 1918  in Marienwerder, Westpreußen. From left to right, Hildegard, Martha, Kurt, Herta, Charlotte, and Erwin.
  • Photo of Albert and Martha Matthia with their children taken about 1926. Left to right in the front row are Hildegard, Martha, Albert, and Herta. Kurt, Charlotte and Erwin are across the back.
  • Photo of Erwin taken 20 September 1926, probably in Königsberg, Ostpreußen, Germany.
  • Photo of Erwin and his fiancee Esther Müller taken on 2 February 1927 in Königsberg, Ostpreußen, Germany. Esther was born 10 Aug 1908. Click on picture to enlarge.
  • Photo of Erwin, Esther (Müller), and their three children taken Christmas 1934. From left to right, the childrens names are Jürgen, Renate, and Johannes Erwin. Brigitte came later.
  • Photo of Erwin, Esther (Müller), and their four children taken Christmas 1937. From left to right, the children are Johannes Erwin, Brigitte, Renate, and Jürgen.
  • Photo of Erwin, Esther (Müller), and their four children taken at the end of October 1952. From left to right are Esther, Jürgen, Renate, Erwin, Johannes Erwin, and Brigitte.
  • Photo of Erwin and his mother Martha (Kobitz) Matthia taken about 1956.
  • Family reunion September 1960 at Cranachstraße 54, Berlin. Kurt had not seen his family since he left for America in 1926. Erwin is in front, Kurt in back. Hildegard is on the left, Charlotte on the right.
  • Erwin and Esther visit Erwin's sister Herta (Matthia) Ball's family in December of 1960 in Böblingen bei Stuttgart, Germany. Erwin's son Jürgen, along with Jürgen's wife Joanie were along. Jürgen and Joanie had two children at this time, Krischa and Karis. Standing behind are Rosmarie, Christian, and Jürgen. Regina is seated on the left with Krischa on her lap. Christa is behind Krischa. Herta and Johannes are next to the right. Erwin is in front of the Christmas tree. Further right are Esther and Joanie with Karis on her lap. Left to right on the floor are Gottfried, Sigi, Benjamin, and Dorothea.
  • Erwin and Esther surrounded by their extended family taken on Erwin's 64th birthday, September 1st 1964. Erwin's daughter Krischa provided the following information about the photo. From left to right they are Jürgen, Ferdl Voll (married to Brigitte), Brigitte, Renate, Horst Stresow (Renate's first husband). Oon the right second row, standing are Axel (Johannes' older son) and Günther (his brother), Niels-Peter Voll, Christiane Stresow, Joan Matthia, Esther, Jürgen Stresow, Erwin, Astrid Voll, Hannah Matthia (Johannes's wife), and a cousin whose name Krischa couldn't remember. In the front are Krischa Matthia, Karis Matthia, Kevin Matthia (on Erwin's lap), and Bruckhardt Voll leaning against Erwin.
  • Click to see a copy Erwin's death announcement.