Charlotte Matthia Schulz
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Updated: 23 July 2004

Charlotte Frieda Matthia Schulz


Charlotte born 5 November 1901 in Mareese, Kreis (District) Marienwerder, Westpreußen (West Prussia), Germany. Today, this place is called Mareza, Kwidzyn, Poland. She died 22 December 1999 in Berlin, Germany.

  • The house in Mareese where Charlotte was born. This photo was taken in 1984, so the house probably looked somewhat different in Charlotte's time. This house is below the Marienwerder Cathedral, across the Liebe river, and the road follows the route of the former Marienwerder Kleinbahn (small-guage railroad).
  • The house on Lazarettstraße in Marienwerder where Charlotte grew up. The family had moved here sometime after 1906. This photo was taken in the mid-1930s, shortly after the house received a new stucco finish. Charlotte's parents are at the top of the steps in the right-hand frame.
  • Photo of Charlotte with hers brothers and sisters taken in Marienwerder about 1917 or 1918. Left to right, they are Herta, Erwin, Charlotte, Kurt and Hildegard.
  • Photo of Martha Hedwig Kobitz Matthia with her children taken on the occasion of Albert and Martha Matthia's 20th Wedding Anniversary on 6 November 1918  in Marienwerder, Westpreußen. From left to right, Hildegard, Martha, Kurt, Herta, Charlotte, and Erwin.
  • Photo of Herta in the summer of 1926 as a governess with the children of which she took care. Unfortunately, this picture has taken some damage over the years.
  • Photo of Albert and Martha Matthia with their children taken about 1926. Left to right in the front row are Hildegard, Martha, Albert, and Herta. Kurt, Charlotte and Erwin are across the back.
  • Charlotte married Friedrich Schulz on 12 July 1927. This is a wedding picture.
  • Four generation photo and story in the Marienwerder newspaper in 1924. Charlotte, Friedrich and their family are now living in Lübeck, Germany. The text is copied right out of the newspaper, but the photo here is newly scanned to eliminate the 'screening' used to print newspaper photos. Here is the text in German and below that, translated to English:
    Vier Geschlechterfolgen
    "Unser Bild, das anläßlich einer Familienfeier aufgenommen wurde, zeigt vier Geschlecterfolgen einer Marienwerderer Familie, und zwar in der Mitte die Urahne, Frau Ernestine [Groch] Kobitz in Marienwerder im Alter von jetzt 87 Jahren, links deren Tochter Frau Martha [Kobitz] Matthia in Marienwerder, die Großmutter im Alter von 59 Jahren, rechts deren Tochter Frau Charlotte [Matthia] Schulz aus Lübeck im Alter von 32 Jahren und deren dreijährigen Jungen Friedrich Wilhelm [Schulz]."
    Four Generations
    "Our picture, that was recently taken at a family get together, shows four generations of a Marienwerder family. In the middle is the matriarch, Mrs. Ernestine [Groch] Kobitz from Marienwerder, who is now 87 years old. On the left is her daughter Mrs. Martha [Kobitz] Matthia from Marienwerder, who is the 59 year old grandmother. On the right is her daughter, Mrs. Charlotte [Matthia] Schulz from Lübeck, who is 32 years old, and her three year old son Friedrich Wilhelm [Schulz]."
  • This is a copy of the announcement of Charlotte's death on 22 December 1999.