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Current research threads

Current issues are listed in approximate order of priority. Some are quite complex and have their own web page, while others are straight-forward and are only addressed on this page.

01. Identity of Marianna, the wife of Lorentio Mathia:

    Marianna the wife of Lorentio Mathia is recorded with the last name of Mathiowna on the birth records of this couple's children. The question is, whose child is she?

    Link to analysis of research issue 01. (Last changed 4 Sep 2004.)

02. Missing birth and baptismal record:

    We have not been able to find a record of the birth and baptism for Günter Albert Mathia's father Joseph Thomas Mathia who was born the first child of Johann Jacob Mathia and Anna Veronica Oellrich on 14 Dec 1899. We have found his parent's marriage on 17 Jan 1899 in the Osterwick parish. All of his siblings were born in the Königlich Neukirchen parish. His parents built their home during the year of 1899, and we don't know where they were living during that time. We have repeatedly looked through the Osterwick and Königlich Neukirchen records without any success.

03. Possible wrong birth year:

    We have a baptism record for Joseph Martin Mathia on 23 Nov and the year 1862 was hand written on the copy. The mother and father have a marriage record dated 10 Nov 1862. We need to double-check the Osterwick film, number 0530228, to confirm that the year 1862 for the birth of this child was copied correctly.

04. Missing birth year:

    We need to find a birth record for Albert Mathia born about May 1905 in Osterwick in order to determine who his parents were. We found Albert in the death records of the Osterwick parish on 5 Nov 1895. We haven't identified a film of Catholic parish baptism records records covering this date, but civil registration was in effect at this time.

05. Michael Mathia and Marianna Kurland family:

    The Michael Mathia and Marianna Kurland familiy for which we've found children lived in Sehlen and went to Reetz parish. Does the marriage record for a Michael Mathia and Marianna Kurland dated 15 Nov 1830 in Jelencz parish belong to the same family?

    Link to analysis of research issue 05. (Last changed 7 Sep 2004.)

06. Possible "Marthia" -- "Mathia" connection:

07. Manfred Mathia writes from Munich, Germany:

    Manfred is a descendent of Joanni Mathia of Zalno/Sehlen, which means he is related to most of the other contemporary members of the West Prussian branch of the Mathia-Matthia Family. Manfed's letter ties together people in our main file that are not yet tied together, and brings these lines somewhat current. His data is not yet in our main file, but soon will be. Manfred surmises that the roots of the Mathia Clan are in Salzburg, Austria. Manfred's letter is German and has been translated to English.

    Link to Manfred's letter, research issue 07. (Last changed 13 Sep 2004.)