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Where family members work family history together instead of solo, and where they can get help from professional genealogists. Get started using PHPGedView for your family. Leave your family a heritage and an identity.

Quality, free genealogy software
With Personal Ancestral File or (your choice of language), one can read and beautifully display the GEDCOM file available at this site as families and pedigree charts. And, you can enter the rest of your family! All data is then modifiable locally.

Male Swornegacie
Ideal and idyllic place to stay while visiting the Mathia-Matthia homeland. Located in lake and forest country a short drive north of Chojnice (formerly Konitz). Excellent accomodations, food, service, and hospitality. Many recreational opportunities.

Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)

Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA), Chicago, Illinois

KANA - Kashubian Association of North America
The Kashubian Association of North America exists to preserve and promote Kashubian cultural heritage in North America and to provide and encourage exchange with Kashubs in Poland and world wide. In fulfilling this mission they endeavor to raise awareness of Kashubian ethnicity among North Americans, to stimulate an interest for all things Kashubian, and to provide an educational exchange of information among all those with an interest in the Kashubian region of Poland, including those with Kashubian roots worldwide.

A Brief History of Poland in the Last 200 Years (offsite, in English)l_flag_poland.gif
A whirlwind tour! Includes nice maps and a link to a German translation.

The History of Poland (offsite, in English)l_flag_poland.gif
An excellent, longer, illustrated history of Poland as told by the Poles. This link points to the Introduction. Use the dropdown links at the top to navigate the chapters.

The History of West Prussia (offsite, in English)l_flag_germany_1.gif
Look for the history under 'General Information.' A link is provided to a German translation of the page that includes more detail and information by district and city.

History of Germany (offsite, in English)l_flag_germany_1.gif
This article by John Holwell originally appeared in the September 1997 issue of the Journal of Online Genealogy.

Institute for East European History, Justus-Liebig-Universitšt Giessen
German site, includes many links.

West Prussian Land Register 1772/73

American Family Immigration History Center - Ellis Island Records
Search the immigration records at Ellis Island.

An Index of German-Polish Locality Names
Link to a useful, but not exhaustive list of place names that was created for numismatics. Indexed German-Polish and Polish-German on the same page. If you cannot identify a particular place name here or ShtetlSeeker (next entry), then please send e-mail to:

ShtetlSeeker - Town Search
Search for towns in Central/Eastern Europe by name or by Soundex. Graciously provided by JewishGen(erosity). An excellent tool!

Genealogy Unlimited
Purchase your own DETAILED historical maps of Eastern Europe! Invaluable aid to genealogical and family history research.

History in Alsace-Lorraine
Claude Alexandre THOUVENIN and Victorine Henriette MANGEOT of Bezaumont, Lorraine, France. An example of digging out and writing one's family history.