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Posted by Bob Mathia on November 06, 1999 at 21:57:31:

In Reply to: Good to hear from you posted by Bob Mathia on November 06, 1999 at 21:32:00:

27 Oct 1999

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for the update on your web-site. Let me first say, you & Karen are doing a magnificient job on this project. I try to look at the site a couple of times a week --- and sometimes more often. And every time I look, there's something I haven't seen before. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

I checked-out the page of maps --- and the BIALOWIEZA you show there is, indeed, the one I found in my "Polish Atlas" --- so definitely we're talking about the same town.

By the way, Kurt, I sent Karen a "scanned map image" from my "Polish Atlas" that shows the various areas of Poland that I've been researching (not for MATHIA info, but for the info on my Mom's side of the family). These ancestors (my Mom's) were all from the towns of LESNO, BRUSY & KOSOBUDY (which are in the CHOJNICE) area. I found that when I "clicked" on your "Map Page" and brought up the TUCHOLA map, I then could "zoom out" (using the little 'dash') ----- it's a "--" symbol at the bottom right of the TUCHOLA map. If you click on this dash ONCE, it will "zoom-out" the TUCHOLA map and if you look at it, you can see the towns of BRUSY and LESNO. (I wan't able to see KOSOBUDY --- but it's there someplace, because all three of these towns are close to each other).

This is why I was so amazed when you found (hopefully) where my MATHIA's came from. They're almost in "walking distance" from my Mom's ancestors!! I just can't believe this.

Anyway, try the map zoom business, so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about.

I checked-out all the other "new things" on the site, and they all are neat! The "pedigree viewer" is fabulous. I looked at it for quite awhile, but need to "study" it further. It takes a little "playing" to figure out how to use it. But once you catch on, it's pretty easy. I found #595 --- and there was my grandpa Joe!

I most certainly will share my info with you. I will send you a GEDCOM file of what I have about the "Descendants of Joseph & Mary Mathia". I would assume a gedcom file would be the easiest for you ---- hopefully, then, you wouldn't have to re-enter all of the data into your system. Is that correct?

If that is what you would like, then you have to answer a few questions before I build the gedcom file. "Family Tree Maker" has a couple of options when creating a gedcom file:

1. It needs to know the DESTINATION of the gedcom data. These are the choices:

a. FTM ("Family Tree Maker" for DOS.
b. FTW ("Family Tree Maker" for Windows
c. TempleReady
d. PAF

2. It needs to know the VERSION of the gedcom file. These are the choices:

a. Version 4
b. Version 5.5

3. It needs to know the CHARACTER SET of the gedcom file. These are the choices:


So, Kurt, if you can get me the answers to the above 3 questions, I'll then build and send you the gedcom file.

When my FHC gets the two films I ordered (I ordered #0162766 -- Death Records 1799 - 1832 and #0462777 -- Birth Records 1847 - 1881), then I'll begin the "digging" process from my end. As I find information, I'll surely pass it along to you & Karen. We can talk more about that process & format later. But don't worry, whatever I find I'll be happy to send to you.

That's about it for now ---- DO keep up the good work. (By the way Kurt, how old are you? I'm going to be 64 this November, and also have been retired since 1993. That's when I started this genealogy "hobby").

Take care, and talk to you later.


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