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Posted by Kurt Matthia on November 06, 1999 at 22:16:07:

In Reply to: Good to hear from you posted by Bob Mathia on November 06, 1999 at 21:32:00:

4 Nov 1999

Dear Bob,
I've been busy on another project for a few days. I'll try to answer the questions in all your recent e-mails some time today. First the questions from below.

Film #0462777: All of our findings from this film to this date [21 different entries] are found at the site:

If you go there you will see that prior to 1875 the priest doing baptisms in that parish spelled Mathia as Matyja or Matyje [whoever was recording deaths in 1874 spelled it Mathia]. On 13 May 1874 you should find Franz with the other spelling being born to Joseph and Marianna as shown on the above page. We think he may be the Frank on your family file, born about May 1875 [one year apart, same month].

All of this still leaves out the baptismal record for your ancestor, Joseph, who you record as being born 14 Mar 1871. Also, Anton [Oct 1866] is missing. We didn't find either on this film yet, and it may be the parents lived in a different parish.

If you find any Mathia names on the films you review that we do not have listed in our research notes at the site under film number, please let us know so we can add them. One other note about film numbers. Occasionally, we got in a hurry and made film copies that we are not sure we wrote the right film number on. Please, if you review a film and happen to not find one of our listings on it, let us know. Then we will try to move that entry to the correct film number.

With regard to Valeria's birth date, your e-mail below lists it as 1879. I reviewed the film again and believe the date to be 1877. This could be a typo in your e-mail.

Francisca Mathia born 21 Jan 1875 and her brother Adalbert born 26 Apr 1873 are both on the film and in our file. He was born a Matyja and died a Mathia a year later. The father's name is Adalbert and mother we have as Anna Siegman. We have two birth records and one death record from this family with her name recorded different on each [Siegman, Sigman, Sigma]. Pronunciation of 'Sieg' and 'Sig' would be the same and generally has been spelled 'Sieg' in german as in Siegfried, Sieghild, etc.

You asked for suggestions about where to go next. We are proceeding on the basis that EVERY Mathia and Matthia in this area is CLOSELY related. We believe your line and ours tie together in one of two ways.

One possibility is that the missing two children of Adalberto Mathia (1796) were born in the early 1820s. We know he had 9 children from his wife Barbara's death record. They were married in 1823. He was a widower and may have had children by a previous marriage when he married her. In any case, if he has younger children, they might have been the parents of your Joseph Senior. The only thing working against this is his birth date you give as "Abt Feb 1833". An 1833 birth date would have made him 33 years old when Anton was born. This is pretty old for a first child. To help us on this theory, we would like to know how you calculated his birth date. Was it from an age on the 1900 census [he would have been about 67] or from his death certificate in 1918 [he would have been almost 85]?

A second possibility is that Joseph Senior is a nephew of Adalberto Mathia (1796), the son of a brother of his. The number of Mathia families in the whole area diminishes very quickly as you go back to the beginning of the 1800's. This would be likely if we can establish that Joseph Senior was born close to 1833.

On the basis that we are all closely related, our research objective should be to find and document every Mathia on these films and try to tie them together, working back to Adalberto or his parents.

With regard to your Marianne Klunder, we have the "Klonder" family marrying into the Mathia family in the late 1850's. Look up Anton Klonder and Marianne Mathia at the site. They have 8 children. With these 8 records, we are sure the spelling is Klonder. The recorders of that time put a little concave curved hat over the 'u' most of the time. Considering that spelling was no big deal back then, the Klunders and Klonders are probably the same family.

Would you mind if I posted extracts of some of our e-mails threaded on the message board so that new visitors can step into the midst of this research without us going back over the same territory. After I do that, we could post back and forth there on the research issues.

I'll get to your other e-mails later today.


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