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Posted by Bob Mathia on November 06, 1999 at 21:38:34:

In Reply to: Good to hear from you posted by Bob Mathia on November 06, 1999 at 21:32:00:

20 Oct 1999

Hi Karen & Kurt,

(By the way, Karen, I noticed that your e-mail address on the web page is different from the one I'm using. Do you have a preference?).

Thank you both for the helpful hints you have given me. After you've known me for awhile, you'll find that I'll be pestering you quite a bit until I can get my hands on the records I'm looking for. So, please, don't lose patience with me! It's just my "anxious personality" :-)

After I found the "Citations" page on the web site for the FRANZ MATHIA & VALERIA MATHIA (1874 and 1877), I took a print-out copy of the "Citations" page to my local FHC this morning. With the help of one of the patron helpers, I think I found the references in the Catalog. Using your citation, this is what I found:

Roman Catholic parish register of baptisms, marriages and deaths for Tuchel, West Prussia, Germany; now Tuchola (Tuchola), Bydgoszcz, Poland. Text in Latin, Polish and German.

Deaths 1799 - 1832 Film #0162766
Births 1847 - 1881 Film #0462777
Deaths 1833 - 1882
Births, Marriages & Deaths 1883 - 1890 Film #1569323 (items 3 - 5)
Deaths 1799 - 1832 Film #0493389

Have I found the right films that contain the records of FRANZ & VALERIA ????

What's confusing me is that on your web-page "Citations" page for FRANZ, it references "p. 0162766" --- which I assume is a "film number". But, according to the catalog, Film #0162766 are DEATH records and not BIRTH records.

Now ---- another question. On the web-page for FRANZ & VALERIA, it shows their PLACE OF BIRTH as "Bialowierza" (Kr. Tuchel). As I told you Karen, I can't find a town by this name in my "Polska Atlas Drogowy". But, after finding the "Tuchola" reference in the catalog (above), I looked this up in my "Polska Atlas" and found a town named "Bialowieza" (without the 'r'), located just a little north of the town of TUCHOLA. I at the "right place" on the map?

If this is truly the place where my MATHIA ancestors came from, it would really be an amazing coincidence! My Mom's ancestors (both her father's & mother's) came from the BRUSY area (which is clearly visible on the map-page that I'm looking at). The BRUSY area is north-east of CHOJNICE, and the TUCHOLA area is south-east of CHOJNICE. They all couldn't have been more then 100 miles from each other, even back then!!!

I haven't checked out your store's web-page yet Karen, but plan to do so later.

Please, let me know if I've got the correct FHC Catalog entry ---- because I want to order those films ASAP.

Thanks again --- and looking forward to hearing from you.


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